About Us

About Us

About Us : 

Future Sky Equipment is LLC founded in 1999 in United Arab Emirates and gradually expanded its activities and services in different fields. Now by 18 years of excellence and active presence in world markets is honored to have 4 active offices in Middle East, Europe with the focus on the main office located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as well as 14 agents around the world  as five departments working in the fields of Industrial Automation, commercial, supplement of machinery and Hotels for its customers from 40 countries in the world.

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Hotel Department

Commercial Department

Know more about us:

In Future Sky Equipment we believe that we are responsible for the society we work in, and the promotion and progress in trend of the society is considered ours, thus future sky family members are integrated to put a step forward for supporting inventive and creative ideas, opening up new opportunities for youth, education and social empowerment, and supporting domestic products and services.

Social responsibilities we commit to:

Supporting Iranian products and services to get to world markets
Our responsibility in Iran is to provide suppliers, businessmen, business owners, state and private organizations who are active in commerce and industry with high quality and inventive products and services, especially full support of exporting Iranian high quality products and services for paving their way of getting to the world markets.

Supporting Iranian students and graduates:

Another social responsibilities that we feel its burden on our shoulder is supporting Iranian students and graduates for consolidation of relationship between universities and industrial parts. For that reason the company by using its facilities and relationships, Future Sky newsletters, and practical trainings for talented students tries to create suitable job opportunities for bright students inside Iran and abroad. 

Core values :

Future Sky is ruled neither by hierarchy nor by regulations, but it is ruled by our values. Future Sky is made of employees from different cultures, living in different countries and despite all the differences we tie to common principles which make Future Sky family. Our values and beliefs are simple but we believe they are efficient, effective, and constructive. Some of them are following below:
Team work:

We believe that team work would lead to growth, and since the desire of growth and progress has laid in the heart of our dreams and goals, the spirit of team work is one of our main features in future sky family. 


We have always tried to have expert, independent, critic and responsible staff who along with their professional responsibilities are aware of their social responsibilities. 

Innovative value creation:

We try for our customer satisfactory so they can operate with the best efficiency. Accordingly, our various departments work in a way to provide for customer needs with their new and innovative services which are developing every day.
Cooperation based on trust and commitment
Stable cooperation with staff and customers is considered value in every organization. We believe every long standing cooperation comes with trust which happens with delivery on promises and understanding.